3 Best Travel Podcast 2016!

I’ve always been a huge fan of talk radio, so finding out about podcasts lead me down a rabbit hole I’m still exploring to this day. I often joke with friends that I consume podcasts faster than air. For the uninitiated, a podcast is typically a self produced talk show published through the internet. You can find them most easily on Apple’s podcast app or the many other podcast front ends, most notably Overcast. What makes them so perfect for me is that they can be used as both active and passive entertainment. What I mean by this is that you can sit and listen to a podcast focusing solely on the content and be completely entertained, but as long as you have some headphones and something to play it on, you can get work done, go for a drive, or do virtually anything while listening to them. With our upcoming trip to Vancouver, I’ve been listening to all sorts of travel podcasts, and downloading a sizable backlog to have for the 34 hour train ride up the coast. So if you’re just getting into to podcasts or looking for some new recommendations, here’s a good jumping off point of three travel related podcasts that will inspire you to get out and see more of the world!

Amateur Traveler

    The Amateur Traveler was the first travel podcast I ever got into. The host, Chris Christensen, is one the most well traveled podcasters out there, and strives to give you travel tips you won’t find in a guide book. With a vast library of over 500 episodes to date, the Amateur Traveler Podcast can help you learn more about nearly any destination on Earth. One of his early episode about Vancouver, BC has been extremely helpful in finding where to go and what to see in our upcoming trip up north. Even if you’re void of travel plans at the moment, giving any episode a listen will fill your heart with wanderlust once again, and give you a good idea of where your next vacation should be! The great thing is that a new episode comes out every week, so if you’re looking to travel somewhere that hasn’t been covered yet, chances are he’ll be getting to it in the near future.

Recommended Episode: #512: Travel To Cambodia

Zero To Travel

    Zero To Travel is a podcast for the travel obsessed, digital nomad in you! From travel hacks helping you to save money, to intriguing stories from people who said “no!” to the 9-5 and haven’t looked back since, you’ll hear it all on Zero To Travel. Podcast host, Jason Moore, is no stranger to the topics he’s covering either. With 15 years of travel experience, he has a lot of knowledge to impart, and the gaps in his expertise are filled by guests from all walks of life. Listening to Zero To Travel has personally given me the inspiration to try and make more out of life and get out and see the world. It’s taught me that you don’t have to be a millionaire to travel, and even with my minimum wage, part time job, I’m still seeing more of the word than I ever thought I could. I think you’ll find that travel veterans, and those looking to learn the ropes alike can take a lot of value in Zero To Travel.  

Recommended Episode: Tales From A Converted School Bus

Outside Podcast - The Science of Survival

    For my last suggestion I have something a little different. Put on by the people from Outside Magazine and PRX comes a story driven series that puts you in survival mode. If you have a morbid curiosity like me, then The Science of Survival will teach you about all the ways things can go wrong when you’re out and about in the harshest conditions this world has to offer. In a half an hour of chilling story-driven audio, you’ll learn the general science of what’s happening when the human body is thrust into terrifying situations from drowning to dehydration from people who’ve experienced it themselves. This may not be a podcast for the faint at heart, and might not inspire you to travel as much as our previous picks, but I believe that knowledge is power! Learning about ways things can go wrong can hopefully prepare you for off chance that you’re put in one of these situations. Learning survival knowledge really comes second to how great of a listening experience The Science of Survival is. It’s incredibly well produced, and keeps you wanting more! I’m not going to lie, this podcast will probably scare the heck out of you, but if you’re into that sort of thing, The Science of Survival is definitely a podcast worth checking out.

Recommended Episode: #3 The Devil's Highway

Thanks for reading! We really appreciate it. I would love to know some of your favorite podcasts in the comments below: travel, outdoors, or otherwise!