Tovy Jaffee: Glasgow, Scotland


Tell us about yourself!

My name is Tovy Jaffee, and I have lived in Glasgow since September 2015. I moved here from Southern California to go to the University of Glasgow. 

What makes your city special?

There are too many friendly people. Also, a lot of architecture here was done by this guy, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, and it’s way cool so check that out if you come to Glasgow. 

Have you found any hidden gems in Glasgow? 

There are The Glasgow Botanical Gardens, which aren’t hidden but I LOVE them because you can see flowers blooming there at all times of the year.

Where is the most fun/popular place to be? 

I’m not fun or popular so I have no idea.

Where do you go to enjoy nature in your city?

It’s ****ing cold here most of the time, so enjoying the outdoors isn’t one of my pastimes. When it is a nice day, all nature is great and any outdoor activity is much appreciated. 

Haggis [ source ]

Haggis [source]

Scotland has a bit of reputation for not having the best food, can you attest to this or is that reputation completely wrong?

This is so very correct, but they also have this miracle of chips and cheese here so it’s okay. still have yet to try haggis. probably not gonna.

What is your most memorable moment since coming to your city?

One time my boyfriend came to visit me, and we got cursed at by a group of 13 year old boys because I wouldn’t give them a cigarette.

Lastly, If someone only had one day to explore your town, what would you have them do?

Get drunk and eat chips and cheese?

Glasgow sounds like a blast to us! Thank you to Tovy for taking the time to tell us about her city! If you want to be featured on People From Places, click "represent your city" at the top.