Suin Yoon: Sydney, Australia

1) Tell us about yourself! 

Hello, my name is Suin. I’m from Seoul, South Korea. I have been in Sydney about 8 years. I like to go out to take photos in my spare time.

2) What makes Sydney so special? 

I think that so many things make this city special. Bright people, well kept nature, fresh air, sunny weather, beautiful harbour views, multicultural foods, tidy streets, etc. If I had to pick up just one, I would say that the people make this city so special. Those people who I met in here were mostly kind and friendly with nice smiles and funny jokes. They made me feel nice to stay here.

3) Have you found any "hidden gems" in your city? 

I have found a park located 8km east of Sydney CBD (Central Business District) which is named as Dudley Page Reserve.  When I go there, I always grab a take away coffee and try to arrive in time for sunset.  Because I love to see the distant view of Sydney city, Opera House, and Harbour Bridge under wonderful sunset.  And these moments remind me that I'm having such a nice time in Sydney.  One more, the night view from here is also very awesome.


4) Where is the "place to be" if you want to meet new people and hang with the locals? 

If I meet new people, I want to bring them to Woolloomooloo Bay. There are a few cafes, restaurants, pubs and art galleries opposite. We have many options here. The atmosphere of this area is very calm, quiet and warm with sunshine. So I think that I could concentrate on conversations with new people.

5) Where do you go to enjoy nature and is there any specific outdoor activities you would recommend?

There are many green places around Sydney such as parks, gardens, and national parks. I'm going to Centennial Parkland often. That park is very big, maybe bigger than Sydney CBD area. I know that we can hire a push bike, play golf, try horse riding in here. But I would recommend you prepare some foods for a picnic. It is just nice to stay and enjoy the perfect nature in this parkland.

6) Best place to get a scotch fillet steak? 

Courthouse Hotel Bistro has a delicious scotch fillet steak. I'm going here with my friends for dinner quite often. My friends said lamb cutlets and chicken schnitzel are nice too, but I always choose the scotch fillet here, because it never disappointed me yet.

7) What is the most memorable moment you've had in your city? 

Once I've won a lottery for about AUD $320. My body still remembers the feeling of my heart beating at that moment. I had a very fun night with my friends with the bonus.

8) Lastly, if someone had one day to explore your town, what would you have them do to get?

The most out of their time? I would have them hire push bikes with me, then I will guide them to my favourite places in Sydney. There's not enough time to go those places in a day, but I promise to go to the Courthouse Hotel Bistro for dinner, if they like. And this city is convenient for push bike trips. Bike lanes are all good to have a safe trip. Also people and cars are all good at giving way to push bike riders.

Thank you so much to Suin Yoon for taking the time to share her experience of Sydney with us! If you're into photography, check her our on Instagram @Suin.y. Her photography is phenomenal and she deserves more followers! Lastly, if you have a place you're dying to share about, click here to apply to be featured in People From Places!