Queen Elizabeth Park: Prim, Proper, and Unbelievably Beautiful

If you’re searching for romance in Vancouver, I know exactly where you should go. Ok—maybe don’t come here if you’re trying to find someone to romance—I didn’t see many available candidates during our sunset stroll. But, if you have a significant other just dying for a night away from the typical Netflix and take-out pizza romp, Queen Elizabeth Park could be the perfect getaway.

There’s no such thing as being bored in Queen Elizabeth Park.

Perched upon the highest point of Vancouver's hilly skyline lies Queen Elizabeth Park, one of the most colorful, well kept, and romantic destinations in the entire city. This park is both a beautifully diverse garden and the best lookout point in Vancouver. If you’re not interested in the views or the foliage, you could always eat at the delectable Seasons in the Park restaurant, or visit the Bloedel conservatory where more than 200 free flying exotic birds hop and scutter around your feet. There are plenty of ideal picnic spots so you can chow down with some hilariously hyper squirrels, a huge water fountain, and even a gorgeous waterfall. There’s no such thing as being bored in Queen Elizabeth Park. 

As I’m sure you already know, Vancouver is an insanely beautiful city. The sky is always clear and baby blue, there are shimmering skyscrapers, looming mountains, a mammoth bay area, and an incredible abundance of trees (coming from a Californian who rarely sees a patch of trees more than three strong). Standing in Queen Elizabeth Park, nearly 152 meters (498 feet) above sea level, is like a dream. You can see straight across to the North Shore Mountains with great detail while the city below sits so silent and small. 

After drooling over the view for an hour and a half—romantically, of course—Andrew and I walked back to go check out the Bloedel Conservatory. Imagine hundreds of birds, mice, and over 500 tropical plants living inside a massive geometric glass dome. When we first took the bus up to Queen Elizabeth Park we didn’t know if the conservatory would be worth the entrance fee, which ended up being a measly six dollars. You have to understand, towards the end of an expensive vacation the budget begins to exponentially shrink...especially if you’re two college kids working for minimum wage. Thank goodness we “splurged” and went inside. The dome was crawling with movement. We swooned over tiny rainbow birds, huge parrots, strange flightless chicken-esque birds, and the occasional daring mouse. Every obscure plant was labeled, and every time you blinked another bird happened to jump into view. I’ve been trying to practice my life drawing, and attempting to keep up with hundreds of finicky inch-wide birds was such a treat. My pen couldn’t move fast enough!

If you’re incredibly stingy like us and want to enjoy Queen Elizabeth’s free attractions, make sure to visit the prim and proper garden that the park is known for. This beautifully bright organization of plants, flowers, and architecture was quite literally flawless. Here you could see flowers blooming in every color in the rainbow, trimmed back until no weed nor spec of dirt was misplaced. There were even some stranger plants that I took interest in, like the Gunnera manicata, also known as the Brazilian giant rhubarb. Andrew and I theorized that this plant was a plant leftover from the mesozoic era, with its scaly texture and ginormous surface area. I was overwhelmed by all of the beauty the garden had to offer. There is truly no better feeling than standing on a traditional wooden bridge, looking down at water rolling softly down grey and black rocks, and watching dinosaur plants rustle in the breeze. 

Queen Elizabeth Park is the perfect sanctuary for lovers, photographers, artists, and most importantly, Pokemon Go! players. This park is one of the smaller parks in the surrounding city area, and if that doesn’t say something about how wonderful Vancouver is I don’t know what will. 

Thank you, you beautiful travelers, for reading our article about Vancouver's Queen Elizabeth Park! Let us know in the comments if you would visit, or if you have. We would love to discuss it with you!