Best Pancakes In Orange County!

The only factor separating a good morning from a great morning is a hot stack of fresh and fluffy pancakes. As one of the most versatile breakfast options, pancakes are a blank canvas for potential craftsmanship. Pancakes have an extraordinary ability to wear a wide variety of fresh fruits, chocolates, nuts, syrups, and sweets — and anyone can make them! Even so, it takes a true master to find the holy grail of topping concoctions. Sweet, plain, or savory, there are far too many delicious pancakes out there to ignore.

Best Pancake Experience:

Polly’s Pies

Polly’s Pies offers beautifully fluffy and buttery pancakes at an affordable cost. One of the greatest features of this diner-style restaurant is what I’m inclined to call the perfect pancake atmosphere. The moment you stroll in the front door you are greeted with the scent of fresh baked pastries, coffee, and the always warm smiles from the servers and hosts. The walls are bright and yellow, showcasing a floral wallpaper straight out of the 70’s. There are wide windows staggered along every wall, allowing natural light to flood in and lightly touch the baby blue booths. The pancakes here are thick and always steaming, fresh off the griddle. If you go on a weekday before 11:30, I recommend checking the Early-bird specials, which often include coffee or tea with the choice of pancakes accompanied by a variety of sides for under ten dollars. Another specialty Polly’s offers in lieu of other pancakeries is their use of pie topping and fresh whipped cream. Because Polly’s is mainly a pie shop, they house a variety of fresh pie fillings that can be added to any of their pancakes. Believe me, the boysenberry topping is to die for. Their whipped cream is also homemade, always fresh, and devilishly creamy.

Best Bang For Your Buck:

The Original Pancake House

The Original Pancake house is the perfect destination for any starving breakfast enthusiast. This hole-in-the-wall restaurant is quite new to our area, but still manages to be overflowing with business every morning. That can only mean one thing: amazing pancakes. The Original pancake house is home to insanely large pancakes and wonderfully onion-stuffed hash browns. This place is known for its pancakes that can barely fit on the plate. Whatever kind of pancake you would like, whether it be bacon, coconut, Swedish (lingonberry), sourdough, buckwheat, or plain-old original pancakes, they will be soft and fluffy beyond compare. Pair that with a chilled glass of freshly squeezed orange or grapefruit juice, a side of eggs however you’d like them, and assorted seasonal melons and have yourself a shamelessly stuffed morning. The only recommendation I have is to come early and expect a wait. Don’t let that deter you — it is completely and totally worth it.

Best Home-style Pancake:

Pancakes R Us

Pancakes R Us is a family friendly home-style restaurant perfect for casual eating any time of day. Open from 6 AM to 10 PM, you can soothe your sweet tooth (and indulge that lack of self-control we are all so familiar with) any time you need. The pancakes here are incredibly delicious. With a perfectly browned top and a soft, squishy underbelly, these pancakes hold up like champions under the weight of all the delicious toppings Pancakes R Us has to offer. What I most enjoyed about these pancakes was their simple and traditional style. The toppings were just sweet enough to curve my cravings, yet so deliciously fresh that I didn’t feel stuffed or overwhelmed. The fresh peach topping crowned with smooth whipped cream was refreshing and subtle, providing wonderful flavor. And if you’re not feeling fruity, try the loaded chocolate chip pancakes! Pancakes R Us also has that age-old lineup of specialty syrups on the table for your enjoyment, so you’ll never run out of options.  If you ever need a Monday morning pick-me-up before work I would highly recommend Pancakes R Us. 

Tell us about your favorite pancake toppings in the comments below, and let us know if we missed out on any great places to get pancakes in Orange County!