Joshua and Macayla: Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

For this week's People From Places, we have writers, photographers, and all around free spirits Joshua and Macayla from the blog NowBoardingFor! If you're traveling to, passing by, or even live in the Minneapolis / Saint Paul metropolitan area, you won't want to miss this valuable take from two talented travelers who flourish there!

Now Boarding For Blog

Tell us about yourself!

We are Joshua and Macayla Fryc (pronounced Fritz) and we are doers. He supplies an endless amount ideas and she gets them done. Right from the get go of our marriage, we began writing down our goals, and leaving for Southeast Asia was on the list for 2016. To make some extra cash we ventured down the entrepreneurial road with our own Bubble Soccer company, which, funny enough, taught us more business lessons in a year than in any of the classes we learned at college.

I (Macayla) am a native to MN, while Joshua has only spent 3 years here. A lot of our hobbies involve the great outdoors, most notably the bucket list item of visiting every U.S. national park. We are avid readers and are fascinated by sustainable agriculture - seriously, that stuff is cool!


What makes your city so special?

Minneapolis / St. Paul has a HUGE music scene. Tons of options from low key bars to upscale venues to musical theater. Situated on the great Mississippi, the Twin Cities (as they are commonly known) have been a melting pot of cultures, foods, and ideas. Fun fact: St. Paul was originally known as Pig's Eye, MN. We also lay claim to the most ethnically diverse street in America! As a byproduct of this state-wide diversity, the ethnic food here is amazing, favorites of ours being Ethiopian, Indian, and Russian. The Twin Cities are also often voted in the top 10 cities in America for entrepreneurs, education, parks, and fitness, you'll find the people here truly are Minnesota nice.


Have you found any "hidden gems" in your city?

The Black Sheep - It's an adorable, family-owned coffee shop. Located in St. Paul, it's surrounded by some of the original houses built after the War. On Saturday mornings a group of old men come in to play their country instruments, just like old times.


Where is the "place to be" if you want to meet new people and hang with the locals?

Uptown. It's expensive, but beautiful. And ALWAYS popping. You can find just about any food, drink, or person here.


Where do you go to enjoy nature and is there any specific outdoor activities you would recommend?

The Mississippi splits the cities and right in the middle are the three most known bridges. Each one looks like a different era, so at night when they're all lit up, it seems like you're looking at the past, present, and future at the same time. 

Also, it's bike trails galore! Personally, we really enjoy Battle Creek Regional park where you can hike the bluffs.


Best place to get an authentic cuisine?

Hammer and Sickle in Uptown. DELICIOUS Russian cuisine and a killer happy hour.


What is the most memorable moment you've had in your city?

Getting married at Lake Calhoun Beach Club, which also happens to be one of our favorite locations in the city. Miles of stunning lakes to walk, food stands, paddle boarding, sail-boating, swimming, and movies in the park. It's been a special part of the Cities since the beginning and you can see a lot of great history in the houses and apartments nearby.



Lastly, if someone had one day to explore your town, what would you have them do to get the most out of their time?

Minneapolis Institute of Art (free!), some outdoor time at Lake Calhoun, a drive to see the cathedral and Summit Hill (all original mansions, some from the mid 1800's), and a delicious dinner at one of the endless possibilities in Uptown. (And if you're staying out late, there's always a concert to catch.)

Huge thanks to Joshua and Macayla for sharing all about their hometown! If you'd like to hear more about their travels, you're in luck! They're about to head overseas on a big trip to Asia, so be sure to follow their blog! and their instagram @MickeyFryc.