Best French Macarons in Orange County!

Ah, the French macaron; a sweet and fluffy afternoon cookie with a world of possibilities. This cookie can be almost any flavor, color, or design thanks to its versatile batter. The trend of the French macaron has set fire to Southern California, and little shops have been popping up on every street corner. Thank goodness for that, because this finicky little desert is a challenge to pull off for even the most experienced bakers. The macaron famous soft yet crunchy shell encasing a flavorful, creamy filling inspired us to seek out the best macaron shops in town!

Best Presentation

Honey and Butter

This modernistic shop enclosed in a shiny tin trailer at the Block offers much more than delicious macaroons and a fun, relaxed ambiance. These cookies are very special! Besides being extremely flavorful, they are works of art! If you arrive early enough you may be able to snag one of Honey and Butter’s unique decorative macaroons. Their cookies are often decorated to look like adorable animals, popular anime, Disney, and movie characters, not to mention so much more. My favorite design so far has been the Gudetama collection, but their dim sum inspired cookies are certainly the second runner up. Once you’ve taken 20 photos and swooned over the plush animals inside, you can admire the true quality of the macron itself. Honey and Butter knows what they’re doing when it comes to texture and flavor combinations. Their cookies are light and subtle, but satisfyingly profound (trust me, I’ve eaten more of their macrons than I’d like to disclose). Don’t leave without trying the French Toast Crunch and Passion Fruit macrons, they are both to die for. 

Tip: Follow their Instagram @honeyandbutter to see updates regarding when they run out!

Best Selection 

‘Lette Macarons

Now this is what I call a tiny shop. Hidden behind two larger buildings in the center of Fashion Island, ‘Lette Macarons is a wonderfully quaint bakery with a very wide selection of cookies. I find this shop attractive because of their many unique floral flavors. The rose and lavender cookies are very pungent and taste exactly as they sound—tart and poignant. With the perfect mixture of sweet and bitter, they are truly worth braving the mall crowds. I can also highly recommend the Wedding Almond and Vanilla macarons for a soft and warm flavored companion.

Most Creative

Snow Monster

Snow Monster is one of those desert shops that will blow your mind immediately upon entry. Throw everything you think you know about macarons out the window because Snow Monster presents their one-of-a-kind ice cream filled macaron. The flaky shells of the traditional macaron is the metaphorical bread caressing this delicious sandwich, and instead of it's typical jelly interior, this cookie masterpiece is filled with a giant scoop of fresh, unique ice cream. And if that's not impressive enough, Snow Monster's flavors are out of this world. From Cap 'n Crunch to Oreo macarons, they concocts combinations this cookie has never seen before—not to mention their spectacular ice cream flavors like coffee, horchata, and Thai milk tea! Their ice cream is always creamy and rich, and their macrons undoubtedly cooked to perfectionmoist on the inside and crunchy on the outside. And If you're still not convinced, I dare you to stop by for some creamy milk tea with boba or a heaping pile of shaved ice cream with any topping of your choice. I would highly suggest this shop to anyone with a sweet tooth!

Thank you for reading about our favorite French macarons in Orange County! Anything you think we should try? Let us know in the comments below!