To The Moon And Back For The Luna Sea Fish House

Do you have a restaurant you love more than anything?  A place that serves food so good that you’d travel 1000 miles just to have it one more time? Sounds like hyperbole, but look back about two years and you’ll see I did that very thing.

This journey started back in 2011. I was a freshman in high school, and had just received a D on my report card. Needless to say, my parents were not happy. As a punishment, I was forced to spend that entire summer with my Grandmother up in Oregon. The joke was on them, though! That trip was one of my most transformative experiences, jump-starting both my love for travel and my infatuation with adventure. I met unique, outgoing friends, attended a hippy festival deep in the forest, and even got a tattoo (oops). Most importantly, my love for photography blossomed each and every day in Oregon that summer. 

But, that’s a story for another day. 

One day, my Grandmother decided to take me on a small road trip to the Oregon coast to visit a small fishing town called Yachats. After that long albeit gorgeous drive from Eugene, we were starving and stopped in for lunch to the restaurant in question: the Luna Sea Fish House. I hardly remember that lunch specifically, but their delicious fish and chips stuck with me. Days, months, and even years later, long after I was back in California, I was still recommending that people head up north to try the Luna Sea Fish House.

Fast forward to last year, during the first sprout of mine and Elise’s passion for travel. Our feet were itchy, and we were just learning how to live with that so-called "reckless abandon." We packed our bags and hit the road, ready to spend the next two weeks slowly exploring the West coast, from Huntington Beach to Seattle, Washington. We had a vague plan, but nothing concrete; just a return date and all the possibilities of the endless, open road ahead. We could travel anywhere; witness the beauty the Grand Tetons, hike the Grand Canyon, or even swim in the Great Lakes... but I had my sights set on one thing. 

Fish and Chips. 

So we headed North, beginning our 1000 miles journey up the 5 freeway all for the burning memory of some exceptional fried fish. Seems silly, doesn't it? Absolutely NOT. It was even better that I remembered! (Alright, it probably still seems silly to most). The Luna Sea Fish House exceeded my expectations, even after being clouded behind nostalgia glasses with a very intense prescription. As Elise, myself, and both of my amazingly lovely Grandparents sat, tartar sauce in hand, on a surprisingly sunny day I remembered exactly why I loved this placeit was Oregon, for me anyways. This homey waterside restaurant summed up my entire childhood experience. It was the salty and sweet fringe benefit that I needed to get through those long summer days back when I was just a kid. Not to mention, at Luna they catch all their fish themselves. Hook, line, and sinker just feet away from those plated fish fillets, tacos, and chips we drool over.  

Their menu is filled to the brim with dozens of types of fish served with chips, fish sandwiches, clam chowder and even burgers and burritos if fish isn’t your thing. But, if you’re as crazy for fish and chips as I am, then there’s only one thing you need: The Luna Sea Combo. Halibut, Albacore and Wild King Salmon all fried up in a basket of fries. OK, maybe not the healthiest meal, but in my humble opinion, the best! 

Revisiting this nostalgic eatery with Elise was like a dream come true. And I even got her hooked! On the drive home from Seattle, she looked wistfully out the window, pining for that greasy goodness. We still talk about it to this day, wondering when we'll have time for another 1000 mile road trip. But that's the thing about travelthere's so much of this world we haven't seen, it would be a shame to not diversify our adventures. We can't go back to the Luna Fish House for every vacation (even if we may want to!), or else it wouldn't be such a treat. So although we must go our separate ways for now, sweet, sweet fresh fish n' chips, we will be back when the bell tolls. 

Thank you so much for reading about our odd obsession with fried fish! Let us know your favorite eatery in the comments, so we can pine over something else for once!