Mr. Chevon Hutchinson: Manchester, Jamaica

This week, we had the pleasure of interviewing Chevon Chevy Chase Hutchinson about his life in Jamaica. Read on to hear all about picturesque sunsets, delicious seafood, Jamaica's rich history, and it's welcoming, beautiful people. 

Tell us about yourself!

Good day to you! My name is Chevon Hutchinson, and I am from the beautiful island of Jamaica. I currently live in Manchester, Jamaica, where I have lived for over 15 years. 
I'm a farmer, photographer, poet, song writer, and rapper, and I also have a passionate hobby for traveling and seeking new and wonderful adventures within the island of Jamaica. One day I would like to explore the world to share and seek the most beautiful and exotic moments in life.


What makes Manchester so special?

The city in which I live is called Manchester, which is one of the 14 parishes on the island. It allows you easy access to all other parishes. Manchester is also known as "cool cool Manchester," as the weather at it's lowest is 12 °C, and at it's highest 31°C.

Being a predominantly farming community, you'll see a variety of crops being cultivated: primarily yam, Irish potatoes and citrus. In Manchester, the people are known to be polite, friendly, and welcoming, the ambiance is great for all, including families. 
The capital of Manchester is called Mandeville where the travelers who would like to experience what we Jamaicans do every day would be able to have access to public transportation, restaurants, pharmacies, arts and crafts, the main hospital, hotels, and markets.


Have you found any hidden gems in your city?

If you want to explore Jamaica, Manchester has a few great houses. For example, Walderston, Jamaica, the town which I'm from, has a historic story related to my ancestors.

The great house which is known as Tan 'Y' Bryn was first established in 1895 by the Walderston family, hence the name. The Walderston's were also responsible for building the Moravian church, schools, post office, and roads within the local area. 

Tan 'Y' Bryn is deeply linked to life, work and the services of the Walderston family in Jamaica, who gave members of the community free land in exchange for their labor. It is a great honor to know that my family and I have come from a great line of hard working, dedicated, kind-hearted, generous people who helped contribute and built our country.


Where should we go to meet locals in Manchester?

 The beauty of Jamaica as a whole is that you will meet down to earth, polite and welcoming people at any given time and in any given location. However, the Mandeville Hotel, located in Mandeville, has a nice bar, a friendly ambiance, and great music for people to hang out and have a good time. The Vineyard is another bar located in Mandeville, and they have live music and a great vibe. 

Finally, for family and children, I recommend a place called Little Ochie which is located on the border of St. Elisabeth and Manchester. Locals invite people to eat great food like crab, various styles of cooked fish, chicken and chips, ice cream, alcohol, and non-alcoholic drinks. It is also located on a beach which is ideal to dip your feet in, however swimming is not recommended as the tropical seas can be rough.


Where do you go to enjoy nature? What outdoor activities can you partake in?

I'm told that one of the most amazing feelings is waking up to a beautiful sunrise kissing the clouds, while the warm sun raises to start a new day as the birds are singing.

 In my experience, the beauty of nature can be found everywhere. Some of the most beautiful photos I have taken have come from unexpected moments. However, in Jamaica, seeking beauty Is easy, like the Black River which is located in the St Elisabeth parish. It is one of the longest rivers in Jamaica, and guests are welcome to tour and enjoy. They can learn about it's history, and have a chance to explore the wildlife such as crocodiles and over 100 species of local and migratory birds, just to name a few.

 YS falls is another location that is magnificent and attracts explores, as it has activities like a zip line, swimming pools, a picnic area, and gift shops. The waterfalls are also amazing, and it is a much bigger location than the well known Dunns River.


What is the best place to get authentic cuisine?

One of the best places to get a taste of local food is Father Bull Jerms Center, which is located in Montego bay. The food is delicious, and ranges from soup to curry chicken, jerk, oxtail, and fish. They also carry a variety of cold drinks. 

Father Bull Jerk Center is located on a sea front and is approximately 15 - 20 minutes from the Montego bay airport, which is ideal for a quick meal before or after flying. Little Ochie is also recommended for it's outstanding sea food. They also give you the option to actually choose your meal and how it's prepared, which is another plus.


What is the most memorable moment you have had in your city?

One of the most memorable moments I have had in my city was getting married to my beautiful wife, Samantha. During this experience we were able to embrace the true Jamaican culture and what Jamaica represents, which is family, unity and love.

Lastly, if someone only had one day to visit your city, what would you have them do?

I would definitely encourage them to take a trip to the Seven Mile white sand beaches of Negril, and stop in Rick's Cafe where you will see some of the most beautiful sunsets. Jamaica has so much offer, and those are just a few places.

Thank you so much to Mr. Chevon Hutchinson for taking the time out of his schedule to talk about his beautiful country. If you want to see more of his work, be sure to check out Hutchinson Photography & The Wonderers Land.