Elizabeth Slebodnick: Seattle, Washington

This week we had the pleasure of talking to our friend Lizzy Slebodnick, a fun and outgoing college student that lives and thrives in Seattle, Washington. This article highlights garage concerts, vegan hubs, relaxing tea shops, and ways to cheat the crowds near the Space Needle. Seeing Seattle through Lizzy's eyes brings us to some delicious restaurants, and some amazing experiences!


Hello! My name is Lizzy and I live in Seattle, Washington. I have lived in this city for about a year now and moved here to attend college. I currently work as a hostess in a restaurant downtown. I really enjoy reading, baking, listening to music, going on walks to look at cute dogs, and having conversations with my friends. I have been in love with Seattle since I was very young and have wanted to live there for a very long time. I can honestly say that this city has exceeded my expectations!


Seattle has a very special kind of vibe. It is a big, thriving city and yet you don't get the impression of it being exceedingly fast-paced and crazed. When I walk the streets of downtown I can find a sort of tranquility among the bustle of the city. Additionally, the many neighborhoods of Seattle all have personalities of their own. Capitol Hill is super trendy and has a very fun and busy nightlife. Alki Beach in West Seattle very much has the laid-back, sleepy beach vibe I'm familiar with growing up in Southern California. Ballard is an eclectic mix of interesting little shops and restaurants. I believe their is truly a niche for every type of personality in Seattle.


My favorite "hidden gem" is the restaurant Plum Bistro in Capitol Hill. Plum Bistro offers a wide range of super delicious vegan food that is adored by vegans and omnivores alike. The citrus blueberry french toast they offer for brunch on the weekends is absolutely decadent and it amazes me how they make it without eggs. Their veggie monster pizza is a really tasty meal to share with a friend. They also have four different types of sliders to choose from during happy hour that are all amazing in their own way. And of course, the desserts they have including cheesecake and brownies with ice cream are something I always have extra room in my stomach for. I think everyone should check out this great little local spot.


I think it's pretty easy to meet some local people if you go to a concert within the city. Seattle is still very much a music-orientated city and the local people that I have met and have become friends with are very passionate about music and keep up with what bands and artists are coming into town. If you can manage to find out about house concerts and attend them you will definitely be among Seattle natives and will also experience the local music scene which can be very fun and raw. If you strike up a conversation with other people at a concert through a common interest you will most likely meet some very friendly new people.


 I really enjoy hiking at Rattlesnake Lake. It's about an hours drive east of Seattle but I find that its worth it to travel the distance. The hike isn't too challenging but it definitely is a good workout. There are a couple points where the trail ends at a viewpoint so you can choose to keep traveling higher up to other viewpoints if you'd like to continue your hike. There are really spectacular views of the lake from up above when its clear. When I first did this hike it was rainy and cloudy but even then it was really beautiful to see the fog hanging down below among all the vibrant evergreens. If you don't want to travel that far I recommend going on a scenic bike ride along the coast in Alki Beach, checking out some of the spectacular views in Queen Anne, or taking a boat out on the Puget Sound or on Lake Union.


Tea Repbulik in the University District is my favorite place to get a cup of tea. They have an extensive menu with every kind of tea you could possibly want and very skilled specialists to make it perfectly. It is centrally located on The Ave which makes it the perfect place to step inside to escape the rain for a moment or take a break from exploring the many, many interesting thrift stores in the area. It has really beautiful glowing lanterns hanging from the ceiling which creates a really pleasing ambiance. I think this is a really great place to catch up with your best friend, have an intimate date with someone, or to get some studying done.


My most memorable moment was when my Uncle took my family and I out on his sailboat on Lake Union. I was able to look at the city from an entirely new and breathtaking perspective. I am especially fond of being around water so this was personally a very enriching experience for me. It felt like a a very specialized tour of city since I was able to view important landmarks while also staying connected with nature. I would recommend that everyone tries to get out on some body of water in Seattle! Whether that be paddle boarding around Green Lake or dipping your toes into Lake Washington—it's all really fun.

Lastly, if someone had one day to explore your town, what would you have them do to get the most out of their time?

 If they had never been to Seattle I would definitely recommend they do the big touristy stuff first since, although it is expected, it is still really fun! They should go walk around Pike Place Market and explore all the little craft stands and buy a big bouquet of tulips. They should go ride the Great Wheel and see the view of the Sound from up above. The underground tour that starts in Pioneer Square is a very entertaining way to learn about Seattle's history and to see the hidden world underneath your feet. The Seattle Art Museum is a very cool museum to check out as well and they usually have special exhibits on display. I wouldn't recommend going up into the Space Needle since their are other locations to see Seattle from up high (such as the Colombia Tower Starbucks which is free), but I would recommend grabbing lunch in Bell Town near the Space Needle to get a closer look. If they find time to venture away from downtown I would suggest jumping on the light rail over to the University District and walking around the University of Washington Campus which is especially beautiful in the spring when the cherry blossom trees are in bloom. Alternatively, hanging around in Capitol Hill in the evening to grab a drink or head over to Hot Cakes for dessert and a boozy milkshake is a perfect way to end the day.

A huge thank you to Lizzy for writing this awesome article about Seattle. Check out her Instagram, @Lizzyisbee! Would you like to go to Seattle anytime soon? Let us know in the comments below.