Best Coffee In Costa Mesa

For many people, coffee transcends its drink status and is nothing more than a part of their daily routine. Wake up, roast a pot, and BAM! you’ve got your caffeine fix for the day. While it takes dedication to stray from the quick and easy morning brew, there is a nearly endless variety of roasts, flavors, and techniques for preparation. There is true merit to treating yourself to a fine cup every once in awhile. Let us not lose sight of the art-form that coffee can be, especially with so many great places in just the city of Costa Mesa alone! So here are our picks for best coffee in CM. 

Best Flavor

Kéan Coffee

Kean is one of those places I vaguely remembered going to during high school. At the time I was nowhere near the coffee connoisseur I am today, so rather than remember the coffee itself, I remember the shop being a wonderful place to sit and talk for hours with friends. I wasn’t expecting much; it was just another name on a list of places to try in Costa Mesa, but upon arrival, that all changed. Looking at their vast selections of coffee made me wish I could have tried everything right there and then. The decor of the whole place felt very homey, and even though they were packed the line moved quickly. I decided to skip the extravagant choices (no matter how much they tempted me) and just try a mocha. A mocha is nearly always my drink of choice, one I’ve tried from every coffee shop a hundred times overso trust me, I know a good mocha. This was one of the best I’ve ever had. The rich dark chocolate flavor mixed with a smooth cup of coffee left me with an empty 12oz mug and praying for more! Kean prides itself in its coffee making ability. Something that stood out to me was their coffee roaster. It wasn't just purchased, but rather custom made by the owner's brother. They don't joke around when it comes to making a good brew, and it truly shows. Don’t miss out on Kean next time you’re looking trying to get your caffeine fix. 

Best Hidden Gem

Hidden House Coffee Shop

Hidden House truly lives up to its name, being that it is very well hidden. I recently heard of this cafe by word of mouth and looked it up to find no directions whatsoever. The only thing I had to go on was “It’s where the ChocXO used to be”. Luckily I knew exactly where that was and found it with great ease. Upon entering, you are greeted with a variety of fresh aromas in the air, a simple yet eloquent menu, and a cheerful set of baristas who were extremely kind and helpful. It was a sweltering summer day so sipping an equally hot cup of Joe was simply out of the question. I ordered an iced dark chocolate mocha with almond milk. The flavor was rich and delicious, yet refreshing during this heinous heat wave. I would almost consider it to be a dessert drink as the rich flavor was like taking a bite out of a delicious bar of dark chocolate. As someone with a sweet tooth I give this my shining approval, but it may not be for everyone. Elise tried the vanilla chai latte which she savored for its fluffy texture and tasty flavor. Although she also told me it was missing a bit of that trademarked spice that typically comes with a chai latte, and recommends the spiced chai if you are looking for that extra bite. All in all, Hidden House is a cute and quiet coffee shop to stop by and do some work or relax with some friends. The delicious flavors of their drinks being a huge plus!  By the time you are reading this, maybe their internet presence will be a bit stronger and their location will be set in Google Maps, but for now it is an interesting hidden gem that I had a fun time seeking out.

Best Cup With a Story

Portola Coffee Lab

Portola is a coffee shop with a message we can get behind. They state that, “our world revolves around the journey”the journey towards great coffee, honest business, and apparently scientific innovation. Portola believes in traveling far and wide, spanning the coffee belt to locate the best beans and source it themselves. While doing this they simultaneously build relationships with those who cultivate the beans we love so much. While proper sourcing is half the battle, coffee is nothing without proper brewing. Luckily for us, Portola sees brewing as more than pouring hot water over grounded beans; to them, it’s a process that requires perfection in every aspect. This is where Portola stops being a coffee shop, and starts becoming a coffee lab. The wait for the coffee can be longer than you are accustomed to depending on the time of day, but it is definitely worth the wait. If you’re looking to get in and get out, keep you eyes peeled for a small little bar looking area called Theorem that is right next to Portola, and seems to be immune to long lines. This little shop is owned by Portola and sells the same coffee without the wait! The last great thing I will say about Portola is that they offer a huge communal seating area which offers you a great place to get some work done or possibly meet a new friend. 

Thank you so much for reading about our favorite coffee in Costa Mesa! Do you feel like we missed a place? What's your experiences from these coffee shops? Let us know in the comments below.