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Learning to Love the Beach

Ok, I’m going to make an extremely controversial statement. . . 

I love the beach. 

You may laugh at the sheer banality of that statement. “Of course you do. Everyone loves the beach!” Well, here’s the thing: if I was writing this just a week prior, this story would be very different.

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Cinefamily's Revival of the Saturday Morning Cartoon

In a world where an influx of streaming services that allow you to watch anything you want whenever and wherever, completely commercial-free have taken over the delight of saturday morning programming. One theatre in Los Angeles is fighting back to restore the Saturday Morning Cartoon to it’s former glory and ultimately put some life back into the craft of filmmaking as a whole.

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What To Eat In Solvang, California From Breakfast To Dinner

This week, we want to take you on a tasting-tour of Solvang, the sleepiest Danish town in all of Southern California. This list will take you on a delicious journey from breakfast to desert, and features an unforgiving amount of sugar. So without further ado, the foodie's guide to Solvang!

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Happy Holidays From Cambridgeshire, England

 Just a few weeks ago, we posted an article about our visit to the Ely Cathedral. That article featured a short descriptive prose I wrote for a competition. There was a limit of 800 words (which is way less than it seems for a fan of run-on sentences), and it had to fit the theme Lonely Planet was searching for. I picked that experience to write about because it was one of my favorite trips I’ve ever made with Andrew, but I wasn’t able to enumerate as much as I would have liked. A lot of the personal aspects of the trip that I included ended up in the trash bin. And why do I think this trip is holiday themed, you ask? Well, it was cold, rainy, romantic, and hectic. Plus, it was the first actual “winter” I’ve experienced in a long time. The holidays are more about feeling than time of year, right? (You’ll just have to let it slide this once).

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The Race For Space at the KSC

While driving to the Kennedy Space Center, I really had no idea what to expect, even after knowing all of the it's historic context. Cape Canaveral played its role in some of the most iconic moments in human history, from the brave few that landed on Earth’s Moon, to the national tragedy of the Challenger explosion. But I'd never read about what you actually do there.

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Lake Isabella: Drought, Fire, Family

For some, Lake Isabella brings back floods of nostalgia. Many of us recount sweet memories of taking a dunk in the lake to escape the 107 degree weather, catching our first fish and making our father so proud, or (when our parents weren’t looking) finding a nice sized rock to dare our brother to jump off of.

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Aberdeen: Barren and Rotting, Exactly As It Should Be.

For any Nirvana enthusiast, Aberdeen is a paradise: it mirrors his erratic, distant persona, verifies the extent of his small-town Stockholm syndrome, and reflects his grotesque lyrics and inner turmoil. 

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The Salton Sea: Remains of a Californian Boom Town

As I walked along the yellow, bubbling shoreline I saw nothing but empty footprints in the cracked ground, the blurred horizon line, and death. The Salton Sea is, in essence, a marine graveyard. 

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