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Elizabeth Slebodnick: Seattle, Washington

This week we had the pleasure of talking to our friend Lizzy Slebodnick, a fun and outgoing college student that lives and thrives in Seattle, Washington. This article highlights garage concerts, vegan hubs, relaxing tea shops, and ways to cheat the crowds near the Space Needle. Seeing Seattle through Lizzy's eyes brings us to some delicious restaurants, and some amazing experiences!

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Welcome to Twin Peaks: Visiting The Double R Diner

These fantastical worlds that I so often drift away to sink their anchors in reality, and traveling to them can make for a mind-bending experience.  A recent road trip up the Pacific-NorthWest confronted me with this opprotunity, and it lead me on a journey to North Bend, Washington, or as you may better know it, Twin Peaks. 

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Aberdeen: Barren and Rotting, Exactly As It Should Be.

For any Nirvana enthusiast, Aberdeen is a paradise: it mirrors his erratic, distant persona, verifies the extent of his small-town Stockholm syndrome, and reflects his grotesque lyrics and inner turmoil. 

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