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3 Travel Friendly Housing Alternatives

When you own or rent property, that monthly mortgage bill can put a huge damper on extra money that could be re-purposed for travel. It seems a little ridiculous to pay for an empty apartment while you take that great American road trip you’ve always dreamed of. For that reason alone, travel and conventional living don’t really mesh well for some people. That’s why I started brainstorming and researching to come up with some liberating living alternatives.

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7 Things We Learned This Year: The Busy Rat's First Birthday Celebration!

Around this time last year, Andrew and I nervously hit “publish” on our new amateur travel blog, The Busy Rats. We came into our own as travelers this year, and felt that the best way to commemorate our blog's first anniversary would be to share the most important things we learned along the way, whether it be life lessons, travel tips, or our weird, sentimental enlightenments! (I’m a sucker for those)

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Learning to Love the Beach

Ok, I’m going to make an extremely controversial statement. . . 

I love the beach. 

You may laugh at the sheer banality of that statement. “Of course you do. Everyone loves the beach!” Well, here’s the thing: if I was writing this just a week prior, this story would be very different.

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How To Travel Without GPS

To those born before the age of Google Maps, it’s easy to say, “in my day I was able to get from Prague to Madrid and I didn’t need any darn technology!” But many of us have gotten used to the luxury, and those new to traveling out of the country may not be prepared to leave behind their cell reception. So what can you do to work around finding your way around the world without the marvels of modern GPS?

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The Three Steps to a Life-Changing Road Trip

Road trips are the fruit of life. Picture any beatnik montage you’d like, with black hair whipping in the wind, dirty hands gripping the wheel, and adventure wearing down the pavement. Yeah yeah, we like to romanticize, whatever. So did the beatniks!

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How To Overcome Travel Anxiety

Travel can feel paralyzing, and the thought of the leaving your safety blanket of your hometown explore the vast unknown, well, it can make you feel pretty anxious. But I promise you, choosing to avoid traveling the world and succumbing to your fears, rather than facing them is no way to live, especially when it comes to travel. 

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