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Happy Holidays From Cambridgeshire, England

 Just a few weeks ago, we posted an article about our visit to the Ely Cathedral. That article featured a short descriptive prose I wrote for a competition. There was a limit of 800 words (which is way less than it seems for a fan of run-on sentences), and it had to fit the theme Lonely Planet was searching for. I picked that experience to write about because it was one of my favorite trips I’ve ever made with Andrew, but I wasn’t able to enumerate as much as I would have liked. A lot of the personal aspects of the trip that I included ended up in the trash bin. And why do I think this trip is holiday themed, you ask? Well, it was cold, rainy, romantic, and hectic. Plus, it was the first actual “winter” I’ve experienced in a long time. The holidays are more about feeling than time of year, right? (You’ll just have to let it slide this once).

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The Ely Cathedral: Bones, Bronze, and Broken Glass

Marching through the delicate grass of Cambridgeshire's countryside is remarkably therapeutic, considering my weary eyes and a nasty plane-food hangover.  Wearing less than what is acceptable for a lanky tourist out of California, I tightly embraced myself and peered over the tall mound of glorified dirt to the ancient Ely Cathedral, scraping the horizon line. 

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Derbent, Russia

Tucked into a teeny corner between Georgia, Azerbaijan, and the Caspian Sea lies a small and ancient city called Derbent. This city, founded no later than the 8th Century BC, is starkly different from most Northern and Eastern cities in Russia. Derbent bears a comfortable climate most days, and uses public transport and railways to connect it’s 119 thousand inhabitants. Yet behind all of this normality, there is a deep and tumultuous history waiting to be unraveled in Russia's oldest known city. 

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