Best Doughnuts in Orange County!

Doughnuts are basically a staple of our society. From break rooms to pop culture, doughnuts claim their fame on every street corner, and in thousands of homes across America. And why wouldn’t they? They’re delicious, inexpensive, and pair perfectly with a cup of coffee in the morning. Even though doughnuts are old news to some of us, if you take the time to indulge in any of these spectacular doughnut shops, you’ll find that there is a lot more to doughnuts than simply frying dough.

Best Doughnut Ice Cream Sandwich

After’s Ice Cream

After's Ice Cream has become something of a sensation in Orange County. The one closest to my house sits modestly in a strip mall on the corner of Talbert and Brookhurst, with nothing but a small font, back-lit sign reading "Ice Cream". If you have ever driven past this place long after the sun has set and wondered "how can an ice cream shop have a line out the door at this hour?", then you clearly haven't experienced the miracle that is the #MilkyBun. The Milky Bun is a warm and fluffy doughnut, just out the oven, still dripping with glaze, stuffed with your choice of any of their 15 unique flavors of ice cream and a topping. Now I've had my fair share of ice cream stuffed sandwiches, and to be honest, I've never been too impressed by the execution. It took After's Ice Cream to change my mind. They may not have been the first to do it, but they have certainly mastered the craft. Due to the surprising number of combinations you can get, this is one place you can't just try once. So try them all to see which flavor combination you like best.  I recommend the chocolate doughnut stuffed with Cookie Monster ice cream and Oreo cookies to bring out the cookie monster in you. Elise's go-to is a glazed doughnut stuffed with "milk and cereal" ice cream and her favorite cereal, Frosted Flakes, as a topping. But that's just us! Take your time to create the perfect breakfast dessert package for you. I know I'm already thinking of my next combination now. 

Best Vegan Doughnut


The Doughnuttery holds a special place in my heart. It was the first shop that taught me that doughnuts didn’t just have to be doughnuts. I remember the first time showing up at 3 in the morning (because, yes, it’s open all night) and falling in love with the wall of doughnut choices I was confronted with. From cronuts to red velvet doughnuts, they really have it all, but the thing I was most impressed with was their huge selection of vegan doughnuts. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill vegan doughnuts. Rather, they offer a huge selection of vegan cake and yeast-raised doughnuts. Coming from someone who isn’t vegan, these doughnut’s are to die for. I can't think of another doughnut shop where you can experience this kind of vegan delight. So come at any time of the day and enjoy yourself a delicious animal-free doughnut experience.

Best 24 hour Doughnut shop

Dough Boy’s Doughnuts and Bakery

Have you ever waken up and 2 in the morning craving an apple fritter? Maybe it’s 10pm, you just got home from a late shift and you need a raspberry jelly-filled pastry to soothe the pain inside. Regardless of your situation, Doughboy’s has got your back 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The flexible hours aren’t the only thing that makes Dough Boy’s so great. They sport a wide selection of delicious classic doughnuts as well as various delicious sandwiches and juices, making this my go-to doughnut shop. 

Best Gourmet Doughnuts


If you think eating doughnuts can’t be a 5 star experience then you’ve clearly never been to Sidecar. The ever present line extending far out of the building’s entrance is a clear indicator of Sidecar's unique and delectable doughnuts. Sidecar has an ever-changing seasonal menu, and they make their doughnuts fresh throughout the day. Chances are, fresh doughnuts will be flying in and out of the shelves right in front of your eyes, even if just during your brief stay in line. It is easy to see that this small, chic, and modern shop puts love into the craft of doughnut making. On top of their wide variety of sweet doughnutsfrom floral to rich chocolate flavors—they carry savory doughnut sandwiches with a sunny-side up egg inside. How they achieve this delicacy is a mystery to me, but you wouldn’t have found me pondering for long. After one bite I had died and gone to heaven!

So whats your favorite doughnut shop? Any places we missed? Let us know in the comments below!