Best Gluten Free Treats In OC

For those of us with more sensitive stomachs, it can be hard to find a delicious goody to soothe those nagging cravings. I should know, both my Mom and my boyfriend are lactose intolerant, and I have a few close friends with gluten sensitivities. Thankfully, I have never dealt with those issues myself, but I have chomped on enough alternative sweets to know what's-what in this business!

Sensitive Sweets

Sensitive Sweets is a small, gluten-free bakery that has been hitched up in OC for quite some time. It's located alongside one of the busiest streets in Huntington Beach, and even though I drive past it almost every day I just recently discovered where it was! Talk about a hidden gem. Sensitive Sweets has an amazing selection. You could walk in at any time of day and pick up a whole box full of freshly-baked deserts. But, even with their wide selection, I think their greatest feat is simply above-average quality. Their goodies taste like love was baked into every bite because it was! Every ingredient was mulled over and chosen with care, granting a wonderful taste and texture to each and every item. I would seriously recommend the sweet and tangy thumbprints (which are tiny cookies filled with raspberry, apricot, or blackberry jam), or the blueberry muffins. I don't know what it is about gluten-free foods, but they are always extra moist! These goodies are vegan, free of nut products, and generally easy on any food allergy you could possibly have. 

The Royal Tea and Treatery

 Now, The Royal Tea and Treatery is no average, predictable gluten-free bakery (if that even exists). It is actually quite the contrary! This pretty-in-pink tea house is home to some pretty unique allergy-sensitive deserts. When I first visited, I had no idea what I was in for. From the outside, The Royal Tea and Treatery looks like any other eatery. On the inside, the entire cafe is decked out in bright blues, pinks, and most importantly sparkles. Their chairs (or should I say "thrones") were so humongous and fluffy that I nearly sank halfway in when I plopped down with my lemon square in hand. On top of all this glamour, their tasty treats are colorful and delicious! My lemon square was sweet, the main focal point being the flaky crust. Andrew tried the moist and crunchy coffee cake, and we both about died and went to fairy-tale heaven. Let me ask you this: When was the last time you sipped a steaming cup of Earl Grey out of fine china in a vegan, gluten-free, modern-Victorian rainbow cafe? Follow up question: Are you driving there now? 

Native Foods

Native Foods is a rad vegan restaurant cozied up inside of The Camp, a nice hangout spot for those of us with Eco-friendly mindsets and well-paying jobs. That makes it the perfect place to stop and grab a tasty treat after a long day of shopping and relaxing! Although Native Foods doesn't have as wide a selection as the other two bakeries, it makes up for it with taste. There are some pretty delectable snacks at this restaurant, like the creamy, gluten-free peanut butter parfait (a personal favorite), or the sweet oatmeal cream cookie! The best part about this shop is that you can grab an amazing vegan meal beforehand, chill out and chat, and then finish they day with an equally delicious desert. You can't go wrong at Native Foods!

Thanks for reading! What are your favorite gluten-free bakeries in your area? Let us know in the comments below! We always love hearing from you.