Best Bubble Tea In OC!

Bubble tea is the one and only addiction I can say I truly have. Every day without fail my stomach starts to churn, and I know I’m in deep trouble. The milky goodness of a sweet Thai iced tea has begun to call my name. On average, I spend about $10-20 a week on a small cup of tea with tapioca balls… and I don’t regret a single thing! I’ve frequented almost every bubble tea joint in town, and there is no way I could deny you the trade secrets. 

7 Leaves

7 Leaves is the new kid in town when it comes to bubble tea, and even so they have become one of my favorite cafes to quell my addiction. First of all, 7 Leaves has a drive through, making it extremely quick and convenient. Sometimes boba drinks can take awhile to make up, but 7 Leaves will put an extra large boba-filled cup in your hand before you can say “delicious”. Their Thai iced tea is incredibly sweet and thick, and their tapioca balls taste like squishy honey heaven. If you’re not a huge fan of the plentiful milk tea flavors, there is always the famous House Coffee topped with sea cream. Throw in a large scoop of boba and your whole day will be made, I guarantee it. 

Tea Station

As some of you may know I have mentioned Tea Station before in the “Best Tea in OC” article, but do not be alarmed! This is a completely different category which equally earned it’s place in my list of favorites. Tea Station is my “oldie but goodie” late-night bubble tea shop. They have equally delicious tapioca balls, and their milk tea flavors are balanced and devilishly creamy. One thing that you don’t come across very often is hot boba, which Tea Station offers! On an especially chilly night (not that we have too many of those here in Southern California) I will go pick up a hot cup of traditional tapioca flavored bubble tea with some extra mushy, sweltering boba. So tasty and soothing. If you weren't convinced by my raving review, I would consider the fact that the Tea Station has made it’s way onto The Busy Rats twice now. That speaks for itself!


This boba place is new to me. It is a bright little shop that doesn’t even come up when I search for milk tea in my area, but thankfully I recently wandered in after a long night of fighting between the long drive to Tea Station or no boba at all. Lucky for me, this cute cafe was practically right around the corner! The milk tea at Tastetea is absolutely delicious, and to add an extra layer of uniqueness to their repertoire, their boba is actually tinted green. I was very confused when I first ordered a drink but it tastes exactly the same; if anything a little sweeter! There is also a cute photo booth-inspired camera in the corner, and a very nice reward system. They really know how to keep you coming back. But really, I’m convinced people come back because their drinks are simply wonderful. 

Honorable mentions:

  • Tiniest boba (i.e. most fun to drink): That Boba Place
  • Best Almond milk tea: Tapioca Express
  • Cutest Setup: Tra Teahouse

Thank you for reading about our favorite boba stops in town. Please let us know in the comments if we have missed any of your favorites!