Learning to Love the Beach

Ok, I’m going to make an extremely controversial statement. . . 

I love the beach. 

You may laugh at the sheer banality of that statement. “Of course you do. Everyone loves the beach!” Well, here’s the thing: if I was writing this just a week prior, this story would be very different.

Cinefamily's Revival of the Saturday Morning Cartoon

In a world where an influx of streaming services that allow you to watch anything you want whenever and wherever, completely commercial-free have taken over the delight of saturday morning programming. One theatre in Los Angeles is fighting back to restore the Saturday Morning Cartoon to it’s former glory and ultimately put some life back into the craft of filmmaking as a whole.

Joshua Tree National Park: Cacti and Isolation

Joshua Tree is a spectacularly unique destination. Just three hours from the west coast lives a sprawling desert boiling over with hostile temperatures, terrifying heights, misshapen rocks, and a multitude of spindly cacti. 

Fear and Rats In Los Angeles: John Darnielle's Book Signing

I was able to meet musician, author and my hero, John Darnielle at a local book signing. Sure, we idealize the people we look up to, and it can be easy to see someone as the person you imagine them to be instead of the person they really are. For myself, however, that was a risk I was willing to take.

Why Walking Is Still Honest

In the midst of this eternal hustle I often forget to take a step back and make time for myself. Subsequently, it becomes increasingly difficult to create good content, focus all of my energy in one place, or organize my thoughts. While having a seven-track mind has it’s benefits—one of which being the ability to eat, type, and watch Parks and Rec re-runs simultaneously—it also leaves me with an empty feeling of unproductiveness and dissatisfaction. 

What To Eat In Solvang, California From Breakfast To Dinner

This week, we want to take you on a tasting-tour of Solvang, the sleepiest Danish town in all of Southern California. This list will take you on a delicious journey from breakfast to desert, and features an unforgiving amount of sugar. So without further ado, the foodie's guide to Solvang!

Mr. Chevon Hutchinson: Manchester, Jamaica

This week, we had the pleasure of interviewing Chevon Chevy Chase Hutchinson about his life in Jamaica. Read on to hear all about picturesque sunsets, delicious seafood, Jamaica's rich history, and it's welcoming, beautiful people. 

Solvang, CA: The Semi-Comprehensive Guide

Just last weekend, Andrew and I celebrated our 3rd year anniversary with a weekend trip up to this quaint Danish town. I may just be overly excitable, but I truly fell in love with it’s heritage, ambiance, and most importantly, it’s glorious pastries. So much so that I wanted to share every detail of our trip, hoping that the next set of travelers can be as lucky as we were.

OUE Skyspace: LA From the Ground Up

From comfy couches to daredevil opportunities, OUE Skyspace in Los Angeles blew my expectations out of the water. If it wasn’t for our two hour parking validation we would have spent all day up there, and it turns out we could have.

The Last Bookstore: LA's Blast From The Past

Humans have a strange fascination with the concept of being “last.” We document our last words, fear our last moments, and care for items, animals, or sentiments that are the last of their kind. It seems so melancholy and so sobering to think… this is the last time we will ever see each other; the last time we’ll visit this street, this town, or this Country.

How To Travel Without GPS

To those born before the age of Google Maps, it’s easy to say, “in my day I was able to get from Prague to Madrid and I didn’t need any darn technology!” But many of us have gotten used to the luxury, and those new to traveling out of the country may not be prepared to leave behind their cell reception. So what can you do to work around finding your way around the world without the marvels of modern GPS?

The Three Steps to a Life-Changing Road Trip

Road trips are the fruit of life. Picture any beatnik montage you’d like, with black hair whipping in the wind, dirty hands gripping the wheel, and adventure wearing down the pavement. Yeah yeah, we like to romanticize, whatever. So did the beatniks!

How To Overcome Travel Anxiety

Travel can feel paralyzing, and the thought of the leaving your safety blanket of your hometown explore the vast unknown, well, it can make you feel pretty anxious. But I promise you, choosing to avoid traveling the world and succumbing to your fears, rather than facing them is no way to live, especially when it comes to travel. 

Happy Holidays From Cambridgeshire, England

 Just a few weeks ago, we posted an article about our visit to the Ely Cathedral. That article featured a short descriptive prose I wrote for a competition. There was a limit of 800 words (which is way less than it seems for a fan of run-on sentences), and it had to fit the theme Lonely Planet was searching for. I picked that experience to write about because it was one of my favorite trips I’ve ever made with Andrew, but I wasn’t able to enumerate as much as I would have liked. A lot of the personal aspects of the trip that I included ended up in the trash bin. And why do I think this trip is holiday themed, you ask? Well, it was cold, rainy, romantic, and hectic. Plus, it was the first actual “winter” I’ve experienced in a long time. The holidays are more about feeling than time of year, right? (You’ll just have to let it slide this once).

Raindrops And Renaissance at The Getty In LA

It’s only fair to evolve into your high-class, formal glove-wearing alter ego when you visit the Getty in LA. You must stand tall, read every placard, and nod thoughtfully as you walk with fingers intertwined behind your back. You must pretend like you know what you’re doing. 

The Race For Space at the KSC

While driving to the Kennedy Space Center, I really had no idea what to expect, even after knowing all of the it's historic context. Cape Canaveral played its role in some of the most iconic moments in human history, from the brave few that landed on Earth’s Moon, to the national tragedy of the Challenger explosion. But I'd never read about what you actually do there.