Welcome To The Busy Rats!

The Busy Rats is a travel blog run by Elise Peregrin and Andrew London, two broke yet adventurous college students looking to get the most out of their lives. We started this website to document our journey and inspire those around us to simply get up, get out, and do something! We believe that exploring the world, learning different perspectives, taking risks, and accepting uncertainty can be one of the most beneficial leaps you can take. We may not have the funds nor the experience, but we are using every penny we make to learn the ropes of globetrotting. We hope you enjoy sharing our journey, and experience the world boldly and plentifully alongside us. 

Meet the Rats!

Andrew London

Andrew is a long-time photographer who picked up a passion for writing, music, and traveling along the way. He's been to a multitude of countries including Costa Rico, Mexico, Italy, and the United Kingdom. Even so, he is ever trapped in a state of wanderlust waiting for the next journey to begin. 

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Elise Peregrin

Writer and artist galore, Elise has always striven to create. Her biggest aspirations in life are to see as many countries as possible and experience the genuine culture within them. Traveling, music, and creating art are what keep her going, challenged only by her love for rats and tea.

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